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Credit Report

There are three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

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Authorized user

A person's credit report will often include accounts for which the person is only an "authorized user." See BCS Alliance. Credit reporting agencies will drop these accounts from an authorized user's credit report upon the request of the authorized user. E.g. Experian.

Debts Discharged In Bankruptcy

Unreaffirmed debt. A debtor who continues to pay a discharged debt (a home loan, for example), may find that the creditor has elected to stop reporting the status of the loan to credit reporting agencies (CRA). Here are some strategies for dealing with this issue -

Once a year, obtain a payment history from the creditor (use a formal Qualified Written Request/Request for Information if necessary) and forward the history to the CRAs claiming the omission is an inaccuracy.

Write to each of the CRAs and dispute whatever is (is failing to be) reported, stating that debtors have timely made all payments, are current, and want it properly reported. Either the lender will respond (in which case the CRA will use its information) or it won't (in which case the CRA will use the debtor's information).

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