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Naming WikiLDB Topics

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When it comes time to name your new topic remember that the WikiLDB software uses CamelCase words. So if your new topic name has more than one word (and, with rare exceptions, it should(1)) then you will need to enter the name without spaces, symbols, or periods (dots), and with embedded capital letters. Thus: BankruptcyDischarge , RichardAPosner , and MarburyVMadison.

If your topic title is only one word or includes numbers you may need to click the "Allow non-WikiWord for the new topic name" box.


We at WikiLDB hope that our site becomes a vast repository of legal knowledge. If that dream comes true then there may be hundreds of thousands of topics. Please keep that in mind and make your topic name as specific as possible. For example, WisconsinForeclosure - or, better still, WisconsinForeclosureRedemption - rather than Foreclosure.

For office management topics, begin with Office. For example, OfficePayrollServices.


As a general rule the jurisdiction (if any) should go first, with the area of law preceding the more more specific identifying information, with any jurisdictional indicator immediately following the general area of law. Thus, for example, WisconsinLegalEthics rather than LegalEthicsWisconsin, and WisconsinLegalEthicsConflicts rather than any other order.

Titles with numbers

The WikiLDB software will automatically put spaces between CamelCase words but not necessarily between numbers. So if you are starting a topic name with numbers (11 U.S.C. 101 or Wis. Stats. 816.19, for example) you will need to create the topic name in CamelCase ( 11USC101 or WisStats81619 for example) and then later - we'll tell you when in the New Topic Start topic - go back and rename the topic.

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1 : One reason to avoid single word topic names is that the "backlink" function will show you all topics that include that word whether or not the topics actually link to the single word topic. That said, a single word topic does make sense for a "disambiguation" page, such as Wiki LDB.discharge, that does nothing more than provide links to more specific topics.

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