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Editing WikiLDB

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The most important thing to remember when you edit Wiki Law Database is your reader. So please keep two questions in mind as you edit: First, are you providing helpful information? Second, are you doing so in an understandable way?

Table of contents for this topic:

Basic Editing


One of the most powerful benefits of a wiki is the ability to easily link topics. As a general rule, the more links a topic has the more helpful it will be to users.

Links to topics within a web

Link to a topic. Link between topics in a web by putting the name of the topic you are linking to in double brackets. To link to the topic you are now reading (GettingStarted) you would type this on the edit page:


and the result would be a link on the topic page that appears like this: Getting Started. Note that there is no space between the brackets and the characters preceding and following the brackets.

Link to a section in a topic. You can also pinpoint your link by using a # and a heading found within a topic. Thus,

results in Editing Wiki LDB#Links to topics within a web. Note that there is a danger with pinpoint edits: A later user might change the heading. If that happens then clicking on the link will move the reader to the beginning of the topic rather than to the place in the topic at which the link formerly pointed.

Links between webs

Link between topics in different webs by putting the web name and a dot (period) in front of the topic name. Thus,


results in this link: Forms.Bankruptcy Notice Of Appeal And

results in this link: Wiki LDB.28 USC 158

Links with text

You can change the text that displays for a link by putting a close-backet and an open-bracket after the link, and then typing the text you want to appear. Thus,

[[EditingWikiLDB][click here to go to the top of this page]]

typed on the edit page results in a link on the topic page that appears like this: click here to go to the top of this page. Note that there is no space between the brackets and the characters preceding and following the brackets.

Links to web pages

You can use the same markup to link to web pages outside of the WikiLDB site. For example,
[[http://www.pesilaw.com/][link to PESI seminars]]

gives the result link to PESI seminars. Italicize the text ("link to PESI seminars") but not the URL or the brackets to produce an italicized link in the topic text such as: link to PESI seminars.

No spaces. The Wiki software does not recognize a web page link if there are spaces between the brackets and the URL, and gives the result as unlinked text with a question mark to start a new WikiLDB topic. Thus,
[[ http://www.pesilaw.com/ ][link to PESI seminars]]

appears as: link to PESI seminars.

Commonly cited materials. To help you locate linkable law sources WikiLDB provides a topic containing a list of links to commonly cited materials.

Advanced markup

The editing bar at the top of the edit page has a number of automatic markup options. To learn about these features run your cursor across the editing bar icons (without clicking) and brief descriptions will appear. Hover over the the omega icon (Ω), for example, and you will learn that it is for "Insert special character."

One shortcut to advanced WikiLDB markup techniques is to hit the edit button for an existing topic that includes the markup you want to duplicate. (Don't forget to hit "cancel" to leave the example edit page after you've viewed it.)


Footnotes are created by inserting text between two sets of braces (also known as curly brackets). Thus,
{{This is an example of footnote.}}

on the edit page results in a clickable link to the footnote(1) on the topic page. If you add a footnote be sure to (a) check the end of the edit page and, if it isn't there already, (b) add a level 1 "Footnotes" heading.

Special characters ( for example)

Click on the omega icon ( Ω) on the edit bar to see a list of special characters (, , , etc.) you can click on to add to the text.


Headings help your readers by providing an entry in the table of contents and by providing a visual break in the text. You can create a heading by typing the heading text, highlighting that text, and then selecting from the drop down menu at the top of the edit bar on the edit page. The heading for this paragraph ("Headings") is a level 2 heading. The heading of this section ("Advanced markup") is a level 1 heading. The WikiLDB software allows up to six heading levels.

See also

  • Foswiki Syntax - an introduction to the Topic Markup Language that is available if you click on the "WIKI TEXT" button on the edit bar

See also



1 : This is an example of a footnote.

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